Month: November 2017

Balance Your High School Life

November 30, 2017

Keeping up the high school life is not a simple task. In fact, it’s anything but that. You have the basic family, friends, and academic aspects. Just those on an individual’s plate can already be a challenge. But some manage to throw extracurriculars like sports or after school clubs into the juggling act. Then, we have students that do all of the above with a part time job. If you find yourself in the latter situation, you’re an absolute powerhouse. Anyway, no matter your situation, here are some ways that make balancing your high school life significantly easier.

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How to Ease College Application Anxiety

November 21, 2017

This time of year is very stressful for college-bound high school students. The anticipation of getting accepted into your dream college can make you feel quite a bit uneasy. Don’t worry though, your days of anxiety and stress in regard to your college applications are finally over! We’ve got you covered with some simple, yet effective tips that’ll make you feel much better.

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Scholarships vs. Grants

November 16, 2017

Nowadays, there’s no question that college is becoming more and more expensive each year. This makes it tougher every year for students to get into their dream college, not because of their grades or college applications, but because they simply cannot afford it. While students have the option of FAFSA, which helps quite a bit, it usually isn’t enough to cover all of the expenses. What other form of aid can students turn to? You’ve guessed it, grants and scholarships!

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Be A Better You

November 14, 2017

Successful people are always looking at ways to improve different aspects of themselves. Why? Because they strive to be a better version of themselves everyday and need to constantly grow to stay at the top. We’re not asking that you have the work ethic of Elon Musk or Bill Gates (that would be so cool!), but to look for ways to improve yourself and be a better you. Here are some simple, yet effective tricks that’ll help you develop yourself in these aspects!

Strive to improve yourself:

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Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination, one of the most dreadful obstacles to be plagued by. We’ve all experienced that guilty feeling where we put off a task or project for too long and try to get it done at the last minute – it’s not fun. Everybody procrastinates but high school students, especially, know this beast all too well. Take choosing to play video games or using social media instead of working on your history project, for instance. Eventually, it comes back to haunt you the day before it’s due. Fortunately, there are some precautions that you can take to avoid finding yourself in the dark hole of procrastination.

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Embrace Uncertainty

November 9, 2017

As a teen, you may find that you are doubtful, unsure, or even afraid of a lot of things. Did I do well on my math test? Did I get a good score on my SATs? What am I doing after high school? These might be some of the questions weighing on your mind at this very moment. But, have you ever stopped to think that maybe not knowing is actually better?

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Start Planning For Your Career

November 2, 2017

Believe it or not, now is the best time to start thinking about your career. You’re probably thinking, “But I’m only in high school!”. And that’s what it makes it perfect!  It may sound scary and overwhelming, but even having just a general idea of what you want to do in the future puts you at an advantage in life. Here are some other benefits of planning your future career:

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