Successful people are always looking at ways to improve different aspects of themselves. Why? Because they strive to be a better version of themselves everyday and need to constantly grow to stay at the top. We’re not asking that you have the work ethic of Elon Musk or Bill Gates (that would be so cool!), but to look for ways to improve yourself and be a better you. Here are some simple, yet effective tricks that’ll help you develop yourself in these aspects!

Strive to improve yourself:

  • Academically

If you’re not doing as well as you should in school, or aren’t happy with your grades, don’t fret! Improving yourself academically is not as hard as you think. One problem students wrestle with is asking for help. Don’t be ashamed in asking your teacher for help during lunch breaks.

Odds are that your teacher will see that you are willing to put in the extra effort to learn which ends up being a win-win situation for you. You will understand the concepts better which leads to better grades. And, when your teacher recognizes that you are willing to improve your grade and grasp the concepts better, you could win some brownie points with them. Brownie points may not seem like much, but they definitely come in handy when it comes to letter of recommendations for college or even as a little grade boost that turns your B+ to an A-.

  • Socially

One common issue among many teens is social anxiety. If you find that you are shy and don’t typically make the first move to say “hello”, don’t worry. Understand what exactly makes you feel shy or anxious and work on it. Maybe, you’re not happy with another aspect or feel insecure about something. Once you have identified what’s holding you back and fixed it, talking to people becomes significantly easier. It’s also important that you change your mindset about the whole concept of shyness. Being shy is only an obstacle, not a personality or trait.

In high school, it is important to start building your network of friends and grow relationships. Lots of other people feel just as uncomfortable about making new friends as you do—so be the one to break the ice. The next CEO of Google or Facebook could sitting right next to you in math class, you never know. Always be willing to make new friends and make friendships stronger.

  • Physically

Tieing into improving yourself socially, one of the things holding you back is something physically. Maybe you’re not happy with your body image. You should firstly understand that you are not alone. Many teens are insecure about how they look. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to develop yourself physically!

Joining a sport or club is a fun, yet effective way to get into shape! While working towards meeting your physical goals, you’re also developing social skills by making more friends and teamwork. Not to mention, having a sport written down on your college applications gives you a pretty significant edge over students who didn’t play.

Another way to improve yourself physically is by hitting the gym. For first timers, the gym can be a bit intimidating. You’ve got these big buff guys lifting twice or three times your weight, all drenched in sweat. It’s not a pretty scene. But, one thing you have to realize is that they all started somewhere. They were all once in your shoes and starting out fresh, so don’t let them bother you or scare you off. Honestly, they’re probably to focused on their work out or in the zone to pay attention to you, so use that as a motivating factor that no one is going to be judging you.

Finally, do not neglect your nutrition. They say you can’t outrun a bad diet – it’s very true. No matter how much weight you lift or how much you run, to get to where you want to be physically, you’ve got to watch what you eat. A general rule of thumb: If you have to ask yourself if it’s bad for you, it probably is.

  • Mentally

This aspect in life is probably the most important of all. Without the appropriate mindset, it’s extremely difficult to develop yourself academically, socially, or physically. Learning to mentally develop yourself is essential to being successful. Completing a rigorous puzzle at the beginning of your day can set a positive tone for how you handle any problems later in the day. Doing this on a daily basis will help keep your mind sharp and requires an insignificant amount of your time.

Positive thoughts also work wonders. Honestly and wholeheartedly believing that you can achieve something gives you the willpower and passion necessary to meet your goals. Sleep is absolutely important, as well. Being a high school student, it may be a difficult commodity to come by, but always try to strive for 7-8 hours of sleep whenever possible. Feeling refreshed in the morning and being in a good mood usually carries out throughout the rest of the day.

You’ve probably noticed that the aspects of personal development overlap with each other. Meaning one aspect is usually tied with another. For example, it’s hard to improve yourself socially if something is bothering you physically. Or you’ll have a hard time getting good grades if you’re not feeling motivated and sharp. With this in mind, always strive to be your best overall and try not to neglect any aspect because they all go hand-in-hand to make one thing – you.