Immunology in Oxford

Discover more about the structure, functions, and capabilities of immune systems

Program Highlights

Learn about the principles of immunology and immunopathology in Oxford, UK exactly where Astrazeneca vaccine was developed
Discover the structure, functions, and capabilities of immune cells, tissues, and organs
Gain a better understanding of the molecular and cellular interactions and principles of the immune system
Explore the best practices to develop a more resilient immune system
Analyze immune system development, humoral & cell-mediated immunity, disease and treatments involving immunization, immunodeficiency, and autoimmunity
Explore modern research tools and techniques
Recognize the difference between the four types of immunity
Identify the difference between immune disorders and autoimmune diseases
Understand and explain the basis of allergy and allergic diseases
Explain, compare and contrast the key mechanisms and cellular players of innate and adaptive immunity and how they relate
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Session 1 Limited (10 Students):
July 9, 2023 July 21, 2023

Session 2 Limited (10 Students):
July 23, 2023 August 4, 2023


Oxford, UK
Oxford, UK

Course Overview

Concerned about viruses and the impact they have on your immune system? Questioning how to reduce the severity of infections and interested in finding treatments for patients with immune system disorders? Discover more about the structure, functions, and capabilities of immune systems, and learn how immunologists can improve animal and human survival. Learn first hand how immunology has led to key advancements in medical care, including vaccination and cancer immunotherapy.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Adam John Ritchie

Immunology University of Oxford

Dr. Adam Ritchie is the curriculum and course advisor for our Immunology program in Oxford. He is a vaccine developer and academic at the University of Oxford. Adam played a key role in the development of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which saved over 6 million lives in 2021.

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Topics you'll explore

Real World Insights

Students will have the opportunity to welcome and engage with guest professional speakers such as scientists and immunologists involved in research teams on the immune system and infectious diseases. Students will also participate in hands-on experiences by visiting labs, as well as participate in their workshops.

Course Structure

"There are nine 3-hour class sessions over the two-week course. During week one, students have class from 9am-12pm, Monday - Friday. During week two students have class from 9am-12pm Monday through Thursday. Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to additional academic time (excursions, speakers).

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