Psychology & Neuroscience Course


Nothing is more fascinating and mysterious to us than each other. How do people work? How do I work?

Students will learn to tackle these fundamental questions with the tools of psychological science. Students will learn about classic experiments in psychology, with the goal of getting a hands-on, experiential understanding of how people work and how psychologists study them. They will explore social dynamics; emotions; personality; mental illness; the nature of beliefs; neuroscience; and the relationship between the mind, brain, and body. As a capstone project, they will construct their own miniature psychology theory, design/run an experiment to test it, and present findings to the class.

Young teenage girl and child therapist during EEG neurofeedback session

Learning Outcomes in this course

Uncover the mystery of how the mind works, and examine the connection between the brain and human behavior.

Develop solutions to the complex questions of human behavior through hands-on activities such as a brain dissection and real-world experiments.

Understand treatment strategies for a variety of mental health issues that affect millions of individuals

Interact with clinical psychologists, neurologists and researchers who are experts in this specialized field.

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