Part of your on-campus adventure this summer is getting to experience what college life is like, and that includes dorming with roommates.

Q. How many students share a room?

A. Most dorms are two to a room, while others hold up to four; the answer will depend on the campus you are attending and how many students are in your session.

You’ll have your own bed, with fresh linens and towels provided. 

Q. How are roommates assigned? 

A. SSB staff configure dorming assignments based on several factors. First, we room students according to gender and age (for example, 14 year-olds with other 14-year-olds, 18 year-olds with other 18 year-olds).

Next, we consider each student’s academic track and make an effort to mix things up in this regard, so that students have a chance to get to know others outside of their specific program.

Factors like geographic location and experience with SSB may also come into play.

Q. Will I get my roommate’s information before I get to campus? 

A. All students will meet their roomies when they arrive to the program. Because we often have last-minute changes to the student body (students switching sessions, for example) we make the rooming assignments just before check-in day.

Think of it as a fun surprise! 

Q. My BFF/sibling/cousin and I are attending a program together. Can we be roommates?

A. Yes! Once you enroll, you can complete the Roommate Request Contract–these requests are typically honored.

However, we do encourage students to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone and open themselves up to meeting new people.

After all, one of the important benefits of attending a Summer Springboard program is the opportunity to network with and get to know peers outside your current circle of friends. 

Q. What if I can’t stand my roommate?

A. If you have a problem with a roommate (or any other student on the program), we encourage you to speak with that student directly; if you do not feel comfortable doing so, our staff are always available to help students work through issues in a healthy way.

Sharing a space can come with an adjustment period, and we have found that the vast majority of the time, these issues resolve after a couple of days as students become acclimated to their new environment.

However, in the vast, VAST majority of cases, roommates get along splendidly from Day 1, so it’s not something to worry about too much!