Day 8 & 9 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

Day in a Life - CS 2

SF Giants Tour 2

SF giants tour 1

California Great America 2

Great America Amusement Park 2

Student Quote:

“I really love the people, and the flexibility and freedom the of the program. Personally, I never thought we would create a connection with all the group so quickly. I have met people with different backgrounds, and learned new things.”


  • Giants Stadium Tour
    • The students heard from two speakers with the Giants corporation who gave some great advice – “Communication is key no matter what profession you get in to. Make sure to work well with teams as this will get you far!”
    • Fun fact – whenever the championship trophy is flown in, the trophy gets its very own first class seat!
  • California’s Great America
    • Students had a blast at California’s Great America, a 100-acre amusement park!
    • The park has appeared in 1994 films Beverly Hills Cop III and Getting Even with Dad and features over 40 rides and attractions. One of its most notable attractions, Gold Striker, has been featured as a top-ranked wooden roller coaster. Also featured is Railblazer, one of the first Raptor Track roller coasters in the World, and Flight Deck, a B&M invert coaster.