• What Is A Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and trustworthy person, usually an older student or adult, that guides you towards meeting your highest potential. They do this by being available to answer any of your questions, being a role model, and providing knowledge that would benefit you in your journey to success. The ideal mentor roots for you and wholeheartedly wants to see you grow and succeed.

  • How Can I Find A Mentor?

Great question! Simply developing a support system with your most respected and trustworthy teachers, coaches, counselors, or older students can turn into a mentorship. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, mentors love questions. You can even check if your school offers a mentorship program that connects you with peers or other trusted adults. If no one at school comes to mind, you don’t have to limit yourself to just that aspect. Mentors can be family members, youth leaders, and older friends!

  • Why Do I Need One?

Well, quite honestly, you don’t need a mentor. Plenty of students attain success on their own. The majority of students, however, would benefit significantly from mentorship. There is nothing wrong with gaining some insight and advice from an experienced source. There’s no comparison to the value of guidance and support system found in mentorship. So, overall, while you technically don’t need the guidance and support, the results of those who have mentors are remarkable. It is highly recommended that you at least try mentorship once before you decide that it isn’t for you (because it most likely is)!

  • How Can A Mentor Help Me?

Mentorship among high school students has been proven to increase student retention and graduation rates. When college applications come around, you’re already equipped with a few mentors that could write you impressive letters of recommendations. In addition, your chances for success become enhanced when you have someone who has been in your shoes and experiences helping you figure out the best course of actions for any obstacle. Also, you wouldn’t have to learn through trial and error since you’re being told from prior experiences what works and what doesn’t.

A good mentor wants to help you develop and play a significant role in your evolution throughout high school. If at any point along your journey you become lost and unsure, your mentor can point you in the right direction and bring you back on track.