Day 2 & 3 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

True You Video

Georgetown Campus Tour 2

Georgetown Campus Tour 3

Georgetown Campus Tour 4

Georgetown Campus Tour 5

True You 2

Student Quote:

“I think Summer Springboard is an experience I could profit from for my future, and help me specifically see if a future in the medical world is a viable option for me.” 


  • Georgetown Campus Tour
    • Students are drawn to Georgetown University’s high academic ranking as well as the picturesque campus on the Potomac River.
    • Fun fact – both Bill Clinton and Bradley Cooper went to Georgetown!
  • The True You
    • A major part of what makes Summer Springboard different is The True You.
    • The purpose of the True You is to increase student’s self-awareness so they can make better decisions about college admissions, academic major and career paths.