Day 5 & 6 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

SSB - Google Geo Tools

SSB - Google Geo Earth

SSB - mass casualty simulation

SSB - college coaching session

Student Quote:

“Summer Springboard has helped me a lot by developing my personal writing skills. I have a better idea of who I am and how I’ve grown as a person overall through my challenges and now I can describe those things in my essay as personal successes. ” Clarence (College Tours & Test Prep)


  • Computer Science Field Trip – Google Geo Earth
    • Students got a behind the scenes tour of Google, where they heard an insightful talk from the Google Earth Education Team.
    • Google Earth and other Geo Tools enable everyone to interpret and understand these relationships by visualizing locations, directions, geophysical features, and environmental changes.
    • The students also got some hands-on experience by working with the actual Google Geo Tools on site!
  • Mass Casualty Simulation
    • The students in the Medicine & Healthcare track got to experience a “mass casualty simulation” where some students acted as first responders and others were covered in “blood” as trauma patients.
  • College Tours & Test Prep
    • We had a guest speaker from Insight Education provide a college coaching session.
    • Her piece of advice to the students as they write their personal statements is to write about things that people wouldn’t know just by walking past them on the street.