Day 1 & 2 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

UC Berkeley University Library

UC Berkeley check-in and registration

Getting to know each other with ice breakers

UC Berkeley campus tour

Computer Science - Joseph Fajnor, UX designer

Student Quote:

“I’m really excited to be at Summer Springboard. I get a sense of community with all of the other students. Plus the weather is great here!” Lam (Medicine & Healthcare) 


  • Move In Day
    • Over 80 students from all over the country (and world!) moved into Unit 1 Residence Hall for two weeks of fun!
  • Academic Programs
    • We are honored to have acclaimed professional experts as the instructors for Summer Springboard. From faculty at the Department of Emergency Medicine at University of California, San Francisco to the winner of the Henry Ford Teacher Innovator award and much more, these instructors will be providing students a deep dive of specific subject areas.
    • Today in the Computer Science track, we had a special guest speaker – UX designer, Joseph Fajnor.
  • UC Berkeley Campus Tour
    • Did you know that the oldest building at UC Berkeley, South Hall, was built in 1867? There’s even a hidden golden bear in the building!