Written by Lillie Dawes, Summer Springboard alumni

Choosing the right summer program can be overwhelming. With so many options, making a decision can be hard. Each program has a unique set of features to offer. As someone who’s been to multiple academic summer camps, I want to share what sets Summer Springboard apart.

A College Prep Program Like No Other

SSB allows high school students to explore a career field such as medicine and healthcare, business, engineering, or media and design. SSB’s curriculum is designed to help you navigate many aspects of your chosen field. Also, SSB offers an enrichment activity called The True You, where you explore possible colleges, learn about how to write application essays, and learn about yourself in general!

Enriching Activities

SSB offers a variety of enrichment electives during the afternoons. These provide useful life skills or a deeper understanding of the college applications and admissions process. Some electives include The True You, Photography, Public Speaking, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and Outdoor Athletic Training.

Hands-on Learning

During the academic course, students participate in hands-on learning and projects to deepen understanding and curiosity. As opposed to some programs, SSB gets out of the classroom and into the real world during outings and excursions related to the field of study. Each excursion is unique, such as exploring a Public Health Lab or visiting a planetarium.

Explore the Life of a College Student

As a participant of SSB, you get the chance to explore college life. Within boundaries, you can explore the campus, go out to eat, eat at the dining hall, explore the dorm, and many other things! Compared to other programs, SSB gives participants a better opportunity to get a feel for the campus and the college town. Also, SSB’s weekend excursions provide memorable experiences. Some campus-specific excursions include going to San Francisco, New York City, or theme parks such as Six Flags or Great America.

Marketing Intern - Lillie Dawes

Lillie Dawes is one of Summer Springboard’s new marketing interns. She currently attends Haas Hall Academy in Rogers, Arkansas. She attended Summer Springboard at UC Berkeley last summer and participated in the Global Health track. She hopes to use the skills and knowledge she received to someday make a difference in the world. Feel free to reach out @lillie.dawes