Quantum Computing at Berkeley

This course will introduce key quantum computing concepts, like superposition and entanglement.

Program Highlights

Learn accessible, yet challenging, introductory material in the field of quantum computing.
Cover topics such as quantum mechanics, quantum information and computation, and quantum hardware.
Discover why having a foundational understanding of quantum computing will be important to politicians, public health researchers, and quantum engineers.
Develop skills in quantum computing - the technology of the future!
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Session 3:
July 16, 2023 July 23, 2023


University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Course Overview

Quantum computing is going to revolutionize the field of technology over the next decade. What is quantum computing? It is a rapidly-emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are too complex for classical computers. The tools being used in this field were just imagination three decades ago. Superconducting quantum processors are being designed by companies like IBM to build superconducting quantum processors that will supply quantum computing speed and capacity that will change the world. This course will help prepare the next generation of students with the quantum knowledge and skills. This course will introduce key quantum computing concepts, like superposition and entanglement. Students will also explore quantum phenomena and applications. They will learn from curriculum designed by leading experts in academia and the quantum computing industry.

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Courses are taught by accomplished and passionate faculty recruited from many area colleges, universities and professional forums. Each faculty member is selected for their subject area expertise and proven ability to both challenge and captivate students.

Topics you'll explore

Hands on Learning

UC Berkeley is located near the heart of Silicon Valley, which provides opportunities for students to interact with professionals in the quantum computing field. They may also have the chance to visit a company specializing in this area of study.

Course Structure

There are nine 3-hour class sessions over the two-week course. During week one, students have class from 9am-12pm Monday - Friday. During week two, students have class from 9am-12pm Monday through Thursday. Wednesday afternoons of each week are dedicated to students' course-specific academic excursion, guest speaker, or activity.

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