If you’re considering enrolling in a Summer Springboard course at our campus in Boston this summer, read on to see why this might be the perfect location for you!

#1: Get a full dose of early American history on the Freedom Trail

Lace up your comfy walking shoes, ‘cause this 2.5 mile trek through some of the best-known parts of the city will take you through centuries of American history!

Follow the distinctive brick path past churches, monuments, parks–even a ship!–that tell the story of the Revolutionary War and beyond. Stroll through quiet parks and bustling urban areas. 

#2: Let loose at Six Flags New England 

Head to the southwestern part of the state for a weekend excursion! Round out your academic experience with all the theme park goodness in New England’s largest park: Adventurous rides, corn dogs, and interactive games await!

Test your bravery on the New England SkyScreamer or just relax in the shade with a cone and enjoy the summer day. 

#3: Explore land and sea with a duck tour

…and we don’t mean the bird (although Boston boasts plenty of those too). Is it a boat? Is it a car? It’s both!

Take to the river Charles on an amphibious tour bus, then hit up some of the city’s best known landmarks like Boston Common, the Public Garden and the Back Bay area without ever leaving your seat. 

#4: Shop (and eat) to your heart’s content at Faneuil Hall 

Pronounced like Daniel with an “f,” this quaint brick shopping area and food hall on the bay is loved by tourists and locals alike. Browse booths with goods from local artists and watch talented street performers as you dig into a lobstah roll.

This building dates back to the 1700s and hosted public speeches by Samuel Adams and other big names in early American politics before the start of the Revolutionary War. 

#5: See what the city has to offer in your specific track

Whether your thing is pre-med, engineering or business, odds are that the Boston area has an attraction just for you.

Explore the Museum of Science with three floors of interactive exhibits & a life size Tyrannosaurus Rex; access the most state-of-the-art medical simulation technology at STRATUS, Harvard’s teaching facility; or, pay a visit to a local engineering firm to see the professionals in action.