Computer Science at the University of Michigan

From Design, Development, and Debugging to APIs and Algorithms

Summer Springboard program located on the campus of the University of Michigan

Program Highlights

Learn the most practical programming techniques used by Google and Facebook - Raspberry Pi and Python.
Create a machine integrated mini project and apply math and physics concepts to interactive programming activities.
Boost your video game career by using Python to create your own 2D platforming game.
Start thinking like a technologist and meet programmers and entrepreneurs who are creating the future.

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July 21, 2024 August 2, 2024


University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI


  • I like the fact that at the end of the course I had a project that I could easily show off in interviews and when applying to universities and jobs.

    Evayanne E.

  • I loved the whole experience and the new people I have met! The computer science program was valuable to me and helped me decide my career choices.

    Ambar M.

Course Overview

This course offers an engaging introduction to coding through Python, suitable for beginners and those with some programming background. Students will explore Python fundamentals, covering critical topics like variables, data types, control structures, functions, and loops, with a blend of theory and hands-on practice. Students will undertake projects designed to enhance problem-solving skills and coding proficiency. Those with previous experience in programming will find opportunities to challenge themselves further, while newcomers will gain a solid foundation in Python syntax and program design. The course culminates in a final project, enabling students to demonstrate their skills and add a significant piece to their programming portfolio. This course is structured to build confidence and competence in Python, paving the way for future programming endeavors.

Michigan Excursions: Michigan’s Computer Science and Engineering Division boasts one of the oldest and most esteemed computation programs globally. Students will interact with prominent figures in the technology sector, such as software engineers and game developers. Additionally, they will enjoy exclusive tours of leading tech companies based in Michigan, potentially including Google, Skyspecs, and other prominent software firms in the region.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Steven Bogaerts

Computer Science University of Michigan

Dr. Steven Bogaerts is a dedicated computer science lecturer at the esteemed University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He graduated summa cum laude with a double major in computer science and math from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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Topics you'll explore

Hands-On Learning

Spend most of the first week learning block-based Java programming for Android and iOS operating systems. The exercises and tutorials quickly help students build capacity with coding, abstraction, algorithms and data management within a program.

The second week involves active coding in small groups with intense research and collaboration. This approach involves an introduction to Python and Raspberry Pi hardware which will allow students to create a mini-project by using the sensors and LED matrix on the Sense HAT technology.

hands on computer science project

Career Exploration

This module will dive deeper into newsworthy advances in technology and give high school students a first-hand look at related questions and issues. We will discuss the wide variety of professions within the field of technology such as UX / UI design, programming, project management, and quality assurance. You'll get a deeper sense of your unique motivations and aptitudes and how that aligns with potential academic and career choices. This helps students make better informed decisions about some of life’s most important choices.

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