​​Why choose Georgetown this summer? It’s simple: That’s where the action is! With an election year heating up in Washington D.C., Georgetown University is your front-row seat to history in the making. We asked Summer Springboard’s Georgetown Program Director, Renae Pink, to give us the inside scoop on why this is the campus to be for high school students ready to dive into politics, law, and health. Here are her top five reasons:


  • DC Politics Up Close
    How about a casual chat with political giants? Past students have mingled with the likes of Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Senator Cory Booker. You’ll see firsthand how the decisions that shape the world come to be.
  • Mentors Who’ve Been There
    Our faculty aren’t just teachers; they’re seasoned pros from every corner of the globe. They’ve lived the lessons they teach, from ambassadors and CEOs to judges and doctors on the front lines of global health.
  • Experiential Legal Education
    Aspiring law students will witness real-life courtroom dramas, learn from the people who practice and preside over our legal system, and get a “day in the life” experience of a lawyer.
  • Immersive Excursions
    Students in every course experience real-world learning with visits to top sites like the Better Business Bureau, the CLASS Center for medical simulations, global health organizations, and even the Supreme Court.
  • Finding Your Cause
    Discover what drives you. Georgetown is a place that encourages its students to turn their passion into purpose, setting the stage for the impact you’ll have tomorrow.

With unique excursions, mentorship from industry leaders, and hands-on learning experiences, Georgetown is the place to start shaping your future!