What is the refund policy?

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All refund requests and cancellations must be made in writing and will be calculated according to the date in which Summer Springboard receives such request or cancellation. The application fee is not refundable at any time.

  • – Any time before April 10th: All tuition is refundable, including deposit
  • Between April 10th and May 10th: 75% of tuition paid is refundable (except deposit). Option to roll over 100% of monies paid as credit for a future year.
  • – After May 10: 25% of tuition is refundable (except deposit). Option to roll over 50% of monies paid as a credit for future year.
  • – After June 1: 0% is refundable and no money can be rolled over for future year.

Change Fee: After April 1st, there is a $300 fee to change campuses or session dates.

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