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Summer Springboard is different from other programs. We’ve found a fun and engaging way to give students a strong base foundation to reflect on who they are as an individual and combined it with an exciting academic curriculum where you can learn about and explore new subject areas. From our innovative 2 week in-person programs or our online options, we offer a compelling fusion of academics and self-discovery that gives students the chance to learn, practice and explore their personal and academic interests and passions. You’ll gain personal insight, acquire leadership and success skills, and enjoy a taste of campus living.

With Summer Springboard, you won’t sit in a lecture all day. Our program is very hands-on and interactive and we have a staff that is professional and engaging enough to keep students motivated and excited with dynamic workshops and projects that foster self-discovery and personal leadership development. You’ll spend the summer partnering with like-minded students, working together on stimulating real-world projects, learning from leading industry experts in your field of interest, and exploring careers and personal passions.  Students will learn from leading academics and the personal career experiences of industry experts.

In addition, our on-campus students will also be able to experience some of our nation’s most exciting cities, touring cities and excursions to professional sports stadiums and theme parks. Additional events will include guest speakers and social events with the rest of the Summer Springboard students.