Do you wonder what it’s like to develop software for a living? Do you possess a natural curiosity towards computer technology and platform development?

In their first class, students will jump into learning the fundamentals of programming and game design. Over the course of the week, they develop a custom game using Python with game logic and graphics of their own design and showcase their ideas to their peers. Along the way, students need to plan the user interface and architecture of their game, as well as program conditional algorithms and procedures.

In their second week, students will be introduced to Python and Raspberry Pi by completing hands-on projects using the sensors and LED matrix of the Sense HAT. By using an experiential learning approach, students will quickly engage in these topics, and the instructor introduces the underlying theory and concepts as students tackle these issues while coding. Ultimately, students will tie together their game design knowledge with their experience with the Raspberry Pi to create a project utilizing their newfound skills.

The curriculum is tailor-made to the skills of each individual student so beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are all welcome.

Learning Outcomes in this course

Gain foundational experience with the Python programming language, exploring the fundamentals and covering a blend of theory and hands-on practice.

Gain proficiency using different data types and be introduced to basic data manipulation techniques using Pandas and NumPy.

Learn to create and manipulate collections and become adept at using loops for iterating over data.

Gain insights into how Python can be used in various fields like web development, data science, automation, and more.

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