There’s no more exciting city than New York City — especially with not just one, but two popular Summer Springboard programs on offer!

Between Barnard College, Columbia University, and the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), you’ll experience summer like a local student on one of two of the most dynamic urban campuses in the country.

At Barnard College, Columbia University, the spirit and innovation of the city shine in quintessentially New York course offerings, like Architecture, Fashion Merchandising, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Finance & Investing. Or you could dive into the world of Interior Design at NYSID, one of the world’s premier design colleges in a city renowned as a global hub for design and creativity.

But our campuses are not just chosen for their prestigious reputations; they’re also located in some of the most exciting neighborhoods the Big Apple has to offer. We select our campuses to complement the immersive experience of being a student in New York, meaning you’ll surround yourself with a diverse and lively community, iconic landmarks, and some of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

Known for its historic charm, tree-lined streets, and beautiful brownstone buildings, NYSID’s Gramercy Park neighborhood is just a stone’s throw from the Empire State Building and Union Square, while still managing to feel like a quaint, tucked-away corner of Manhattan.

On the Upper West Side of the city, Morningside Heights — home to Barnard College, Columbia University — offers intellectual Ivy League vibes with historic architecture and a taste of nature nestled between tranquil Central Park and the Hudson River.
Wherever you choose to study with Summer Springboard in New York, you’re in the action, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. From excursions to the city’s top landmarks and destinations to enjoying its incredible local food scene, the opportunities are endless.

But you’re not the only one feeling the call of the “city of dreams”–as the saying goes, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” That’s why NYC has long lured the most gifted and successful of every field, from actors to entrepreneurs to artists. This is also true in academia: SSB’s instructors are at the top of their fields, from finance geniuses to blockchain innovators.

Want to learn from the best and live authentic student city life? NYC is the place to be!


By James Townsend, SSB Content Team