So you’re ready to experience college life and explore your passions with Summer Springboard! Fantastic! Now, what are you going to bring?

We have collaborated and completed an in-depth packing list for you. You do not need to follow this list to a tee. These are some suggested items to bring with you. If there is something you cannot live without, aka a certain type of shampoo, conditioner, face moisturizer, prescription, peanut butter, etc. please bring it with you!


  • Government Issued or School Issued Photo ID (Identification Card, Drivers License, Passport)
  • Money (almost everything is covered in tuition, but you may want to bring some spare cash for snacks at the airport or souvenirs for family and friends). Commuter students who did not purchase a lunch meal plan with SSB, please bring your lunch or money to purchase from a nearby vendor.
  • Medications/ Specialty vitamins – enough for the 2 week program plus some extra in case.
  • Laptop or tablet + charger:  please  bring one of these to complete your academic work on!


  • Pack for layers! Weather in the summer can be unpredictable: rainy, hot, humid, cool….look ahead and pack prepared!
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in.  We will be walking around campus, touring town, and local areas.
  • Rain gear? Check the weather for your campus, you never know!
  • Exercise gear – if you are planning on working out, running etc.
  • Outfit for the Final Night (residential students only): we will be having a celebration to mark the end of program. It’s a chance to dress up and have some fun! Please don’t pack formal dance attire.
  • SSB does not have a formal dress code, however we ask that you dress in “neat attire”, meaning clean, not to revealing, and appropriate to meet guest speakers and go on site visits. You will also be provided a SSB polo shirt.


  • Dorms are fully furnished so please don’t bring any furniture!
  • Camera
  • Cell Phone & charger
  • Headphones
  • Backpack or Messenger bag
  • BERKELEY/GEORGETOWN: Beds are made prior to arrival with pillow, pillow case, sheets, blanket, and bedspread. Two towels, a face cloth, and a bar of soap are provided. Linens and towels are changed weekly.
  • YALE: The linen pack includes one twin XL fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one pillowcase, and three towels. It is yours to keep after the program ends. All rooms come with a pillow and blanket.

Miscellaneous Items:

We will not be making a special run out to the store for snacks or forgotten items, so make sure you bring everything you need!

  • Shower shoes
  • Shower caddy/something to carry you toiletry items to the communal bathroom
  • Sunscreen
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Bug spray – if you are especially susceptible to bites!
  • Razors
  • Contact Lens Solution & enough Lenses
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Personal & Prescription Medications, Vitamins
  • Snacks that you may want during travel or during downtime at SSB
  • Laundry Detergent

Prescription Medicine:

If you take prescription medicine that needs to be taken while at Summer Springboard bring it with you. Summer Springboard Staff will not be responsible for keeping, storing, or administering medicines to participants. It is the student’s responsibility to take the medication appropriately. Please make sure you bring an adequate amount for your 2 week stay with Summer Springboard.

If a prescription needs to be kept refrigerated or with a student at all times (ie. epipen) please discuss further with Summer Springboard in advance.

When traveling with prescription medicine, be sure to pack it in your carry-on in the original bottle/pack.

Crucial Snacks/Toiletries/Etc

Make sure to pack plenty of anything you cannot live without! If you simply cannot get by without a certain brand of face wash or your daily Cliff Bar, be sure to stock up beforehand.

Checking Luggage (Note: Luggage Fees Are Now Required by Most Air Carriers)

The amount of luggage you are able to check depends on your air carrier. It is your responsibility to know the amount of luggage you are allowed to check, both departing and returning. You may travel on more than one air carrier and each carrier may have different regulations.

It is your responsibility to call your air carrier before you depart to find out what costs which be charged, and then you will need to bring that amount to the airport and be prepared to pay for any luggage charges. Summer Springboard will not pay any baggage charges for you.

Extra funds

You  may want to think about bringing some extra cash with you to Summer Springboard. We will be touring the local area and eating a few meals (maybe lunch, dinner on the weekends out). While you tuition covers the cost of the excursion, it will not cover any souvenirs you  may want to pick up for family and friends. We suggest an extra $100.