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Program Highlights

Market analysis: Understand the mechanics of how audiences are marketed to and how marketers can co-opt those powers
Develop a future-oriented framework that builds on the foundations of marketing and incorporating fast-evolving technologies and behavioral science
Financial modeling: Analyze key metrics like return on investment (ROI), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and lifetime value (LTV).
Ad bidding & auction: Click bidding, bid management, and budgeting— learn how to outmaneuver your competition. Learn the basics of Google Analytics to measure your campaign performance.
Channels & tracking: The role of digital channels such as broadcast, direct, & social.
Brand & Social Media: Create a social ad campaign for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Produce a strategy that outlines key messaging, content mapping, distribution, and measurement.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve the search discoverability of your brand and products with SEO strategies and tactics.
psychology of social media

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Session 2:
July 3, 2023 July 13, 2023 6am - 9am PDT | 9am - 12pm EDT



Course Overview

Digital marketing through mega platforms like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok is a powerful force that has fundamentally shaped everything from politics to entertainment and culture. This innovative college-level course in partnership with iXperience is perfectly designed to help high schoolers gain real world knowledge and experience before committing to a Digital Marketing path in college. You will get the opportunity to apply your newly gained skills to a hands-on project for a positive cause. While specific briefs vary from course to course, all of the projects are selected to perfectly complement the skills covered in class and enable students to make a real-world impact.

Course Schedule
Week 1: Students will kick off their week with a course orientation, then move on to brand building and researching data & analytics. They will then learn about paid and programmatic advertising, and then finish the week learning about creating digital marketing content.
Week 2: In their second week, students will learn more about storycrafting, campaigning, and direct marketing. Students will explore ethics in digital marketing. Their second week will culminate with a final presentation.

Open to any high school student who will be entering freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year in Fall 2023. Space is limited. Each session is limited to 35 students per track.

Classes will be held via Zoom and facilitated in real-time by the instructor and a classroom coordinator.

Meet your instructor

Ángela Ávila Peiró

Previous instructor and industry professional

A seasoned and award-winning UX Designer and Digital Marketer, active in the industry since 2017.

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Topics you'll explore

Real World Class Project

In this course, students will work in groups while undertaking a project for a real-world assigned client. The students will use different problem-solving methodologies and their initiative to conceptualize social impact-driven solutions for their client. Previous project partners have included Inetum, a company headquartered in Paris, France, with a Data Science and Analytics unit office located in Lisbon. Students in this course previously worked with Inetum's Data and Analytics lead on a real world project that involved analyzing data related to spending patterns of consumers in two Lusophone countries that assisted their client with the development of new strategies to narrow the profitability gap in their operations.

In addition to the real-world project, students will be able to:

- Explore how to use different problem-solving methodologies, implementing hypothesis-driven analysis and critical thinking skills
- Learn how to use initiative to conceptualize social impact-driven solutions for organizations, in the absence of full information, while solving for complex problems
- Learn how to grapple with complex global issues and developments and their implications for the future
- Gain teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in a diverse group setting
- Apply what you learn in the classroom in the real world project experience
- Gain invaluable soft skills necessary to excel in the workplace while working in an international culture

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