Day 9 & 10 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Summer Springboard, College admissions

Summer Springboard, Facebook visit

Summer Springboard, Giants Stadium

Student Quote:

“My biggest takeaway from this program has been learning an extensive amount of information from the activities we do and the classes we take. I am extremely ecstatic that I have been able to enjoy these classes as much as I did.” Ashley (Medicine & Healthcare)


  • College Admissions Presentation
    • The main takeaway is that colleges will look at a student holistically going beyond just grades and test scores as they also take into account a student’s community involvement.
    • The guest speaker even showed the students a graph with real data of different types of applicants at an Ivy League school that all had different GPAs and test scores high and low!
  • Business Field Trip – Facebook Headquarters
    • The business and entrepreneurship students were in for a treat with a visit to Facebook’s HQ where they got to hear from Facebook team members about how to apply business practices in the real world.
    • The student’s got a guided tour Facebook’s sprawling campus which was previously owned by Sun Microsystems.
  • Giants Stadium Tour
    • Two speakers with the Giants corporation gave the students some great advice – “Communication is key no matter what profession you get in to. Make sure to work well with teams as this will get you far!
    • The students walked all around the stadium and even got to see the championship trophies. Fun fact – whenever the championship trophy is flown in, the trophy gets its very own first class seat!