Day 5 & 6 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

Bloomberg TV

San Francisco Giants Stadium

McKinsey guest speaker

Medicine - mass casualty

Student Quote:

“My favorite part of Summer Springboard is time with the instructors. They are super kind and helpful. I feel comfortable asking them lots of questions and they are patient in explaining everything in a way we can understand.” Daisy (Medicine & Healthcare) 


  • Digital Journalism Field Trip – Bloomberg
    • Bloomberg has 2700 journalists in 100 countries writing over 5000 stories a day!
    • Students got a behind the scenes look into Bloomberg’s terminal to see the headline story about Amazon moving to the healthcare space by acquiring Pillpack.
  • Giants Stadium Tour
    • The students heard from two speakers with the Giants corporation who gave some great advice – “Communication is key no matter what profession you get in to. Make sure to work well with teams as this will get you far!”
    • Fun fact – whenever the championship trophy is flown in, the trophy gets its very own first class seat!
  • Guest Speaker from McKinsey
    • Peter Mombaur provided a deep dive into management consulting at McKinsey. From the Gates Foundation to the government of South Africa, all types of companies hire McKinsey to help solve their business problems.
    • Peter shared McKinsey’s method to approach problem solving = MECE (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive)
  • Mass Casualty Simulation
    • The students in the Medicine & Healthcare track got to experience a “mass casualty simulation” where some students acted as first responders and others were covered in “blood” as trauma patients.