Day 9 & 10 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

Summer Springboard, Yale, Wholesome Wave

Student Quote:

“My biggest takeaway of this program is the mindset I’ve gained from the business course. There are many ways to approach something and many ways to actually do something. I’ve gotten an idea of how to find what you’re truly passionate about doing, and how to follow through with it. The program is a bit over halfway through and it has a lot more in store.” Ryan (Business & Entrepreneurship)


  • Keynote Speaker – Allison Guth
    • The keynote speaker for Summer Springboard at Yale was Allison Guth, Yale’s Joel E. Smilow, Class of 1954 Head Coach of Women’s Basketball.
    • She gave an inspirational speech to the students about mapping out your future.
    • She highlighted what success is in terms of happiness vs monetary value, the importance of setting goals, and provided insight into what Yale looks for in terms of admissions.
  • Business Field Trip – Wholesome Wave
    • The business students got to hear a presentation from Wholesome Wave and visited a local market as well to explore the operational side of the business.
    • Wholesome Wave empowers under-served consumers to make better food choices by increasing affordable access to healthy produce.
    • Sarah Pandoursky, Director of Partnership, shared the backstory of the organization – from its founding to the company working with other corporations to spread their work across the entire United States.