Cranes are machines that play a vital role in the various engineering applications and construction industry because they have enough power to move materials of various weights upward, downward and horizontally. Come explore mechanical engineering through the use of cranes at the Summer Springboard program at Cal Poly.

In this workshop, the students study and know the different types of cranes, how to get the center of gravity of the crane, the moment of inertia and the stability conditions of the crane. Each group of students will design and build a crane with maximum dimensions using coffee stirrer sticks, two small DC motors, small pulleys, string, small wax gun, etc.

Campus Locations
This program is offered at the following campuses:

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the vital role that cranes play in engineering applications with their power to move massive materials in all directions.
  • Understand the stability conditions of the crane, determine the center of mass and pinpoint the moment of inertia.
  • Identify multiple types of cranes, and implement the standard steps of the design and manufacturing process.
  • Design and build a functioning crane, and compete to see which crane can lift the maximum weight.