Dr. Pan attended Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he studied Biomedical Engineering, and then received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University.  After obtaining his PhD, he first joined Cornell University Medical College as a faculty member then moved to Harvard Medical School as a faculty member where he further his invention to innovation technology transfer journey in data science applications for medical imaging. He is currently an Asst. Professor in  Computer Science at Simmons University.

Through a research career of 25 years, Dr. Pan has led data science efforts as the subject matter expert on 20+ federal and institutional projects, translating AI/ML algorithms and advanced statistics capabilities for developing statistical, data-driven diagnostic tools for guiding the treatment of brain disorders, created best practice approaches for optimized data acquisition, data science solutions for biomarker discovery, automated analytics and informatics pipelines based on functional neuroimaging methodology, resulting in 4 patents and a spin-out startup, earned Mass General Brigham Excellence in Innovation Award 2 times and Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Pillar Award in Research & Innovation, with 60+ journal publications.

Dr. Pan has tutored and mentored high school, college and graduate students in a variety of STEM subjects, including Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning and Data Science. He is now teaching full-time at Simmons University with a women-focused undergraduate program.