Written by Maris Brail, Summer Springboard alumni

My name is Maris and last summer I attended the creative writing program at Yale with Summer Springboard. As someone who has gone to summer camp for over six years, I can definitively say that this has been one of the most positive summer experiences I have ever had. The people, the programs, the staff, and the field trips all contributed to this. 

Campus Life

The rooming situation at Yale is unique, with single and double rooms all surrounding one large common room. Although I had a single room, I bonded and became incredibly close with my dorm-mates. Every night, we would stay up late just talking and getting to know each other talking about our experiences and interests. Within a few days, I knew that I had made true friends that I could rely on. But I didn’t just become close with those in my dorm. I made amazing friends in my writing class, my “family group”(a group of around nine kids assigned to one staff who do activities together) and by just talking to those around me. This program gave me the opportunity to meet people from different cities, states, and even countries and create everlasting connections with them in just two weeks. 

Academic Track

As a student who does multiple athletic and art activities, I don’t have very much time to just focus on my creative writing, and do it for fun. However, the writing program at Summer Springboard gave me an opportunity to focus and grow in my writing with the help of the talented, qualified instructor and supportive classroom environment. Furthermore, each program has specific field trips to reinforce the learning they are doing inside the classroom. The creative writing group went to Mark Twain’s house and got the opportunity to explore the Story Cottage, a small house with book-themed rooms where were heard from a published mystery author. Each track has a field trip similar to this, the global medicine track visited a simulation center where they could practice and apply the skills they had been learned, the law program went to the New Haven courthouse and watched a trial. These field trips gave us the opportunity to see the concepts we had been learning about take place in real life. 

Key Takeaway

I would definitely recommend applying and attending Summer Springboard, so you can explore the college campus of your choice, study one of your interests, and meet incredible new people.

Maris Brail - Marketing Intern (1)

Maris Brail is one of Summer Springboard’s new marketing interns. She is in 10th grade at @gannacademy and is a member of the dance company, junior varsity soccer team, and theater. On the weekends, she volunteers and teachers swim lessons at her local pool. Maris attended the Creative writing program at Yale, and fell in love with both the stunning campus and the great community at SSB. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to her on Instagram @maris_brail.