Day 6 & 7 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

NYC Fun Day 2

NYC Fun Day 3

NYC Fun Day 5

NYC Fun Day 4

Yale Rope Course 2

Yale Rope Course 3

Yale Ropes Course 1

Student Quote:

“I selected Summer Springboard because I am interested in entering the healthcare field when I am older. This program specifically stood out to me because it is very engaging. Through watching the introduction video, I became very excited about the various activities that the students were doing.”


  • NYC Fun Day
    • On Saturday, the students took a trip to the Big Apple, where they got a chance to see some of the famous spots below:
      • Central Park
      • 5th Avenue Shops
      • Top of the Rock
      • Times Square
      • Grand Central Terminal
  • Adventures Rope Course
    • The Adam Kreiger Adventure Program provides special opportunities that enable people of all ages to realize Adam’s zest for living and to discover the courage within themselves to face the challenges in life.
    • It has about 30 low and high elements; structures that may be made up of wires, ropes, cables, tires, and wood. Both indoor and outdoor activities focus on a wide range of objectives which may include establishing group trust, cohesion, and/or communication.
  • Medicine Guest Speaker – Dr. Rennert
    • Dr. Nancy Rennert, Chief of Endocrine at Norwalk Hospital and Member of the UVM Medical School Admissions Committee, was a guest speaker in the medicine and healthcare track.
    • Dr. Rennert received her medical degree from University of Pittsburg School of Medicine and has been practicing for over 30 years.
    • Students asked tons of questions and Dr. Rennert described both the challenges and benefits of pursuing a career in healthcare.