What is a Micro-Internship?

Micro-Internships are 9-day learning and development opportunities exclusively on offer to iX LaunchPad students. Each programme gives you the opportunity to observe and assist with a notable project. The aim is to develop your employability skills, add to your CV, and offer you the opportunity to make new professional contacts.

About iXperience?

iXperience started in 2013 as a study abroad coding bootcamp that would bridge the gap between academia and industry. Since then, it’s grown into a global operation that has helped more than 2500 students accelerate their careers while exploring the world. Throughout, their focus has stayed on creating authentic connections within communities. They go to great lengths to get to know their students, teachers, and partner companies, as they believe is instrumental to mutual success.

Current challenges faced by business in talent management

  • Graduates do not have the skills required to do the job expected of them
  • Inability of candidates to work remotely
  • Management intensive
  • Competition to attract the right candidates
  • Lack of resources 
  • Culture mismatch
  • No space in the office to accommodate interns
  • Attracting great diversity students/interns
  • Underprepared talent that lacks EQ, soft skills, technical knowledge and interpersonal communication skills.

What is iX LaunchPad?

iX LaunchPad was designed to give today’s high school students the experience we wish we’d had in high school. Imagine you’d had hands-on, practical experience in high school, learning about the career you thought you wanted to enter. LaunchPad equips students with valuable career exploration experiences.

iX LaunchPad is a scalable, plug-&-play career exploration and micro-internship solution that delivers access to future-forward careers and a network of global partners, taught by industry professionals to deliver real-world experience at its finest.

iX LaunchPad is designed to give students a window into the world of work: by helping schools rapidly implement a world-class, career-focused learning solution, and helping parents prepare their children for a constantly changing world. 

Students will get a chance to learn new skills and apply them to a real-world project crafted by iX’s network of business partners.

“The experience with the iX internship program was nothing short of incredible. The support from the iX team provided both the interns and us valuable infrastructure so that all of us could make the most of our time together. The interns were engaging, talented and eager to learn, so much so that we’re excited to welcome an intern to our core team.” 

Courtney Wu 
Amnesia Media |  Co-Founder and CSO

“This class was one the most rewarding classes I have ever taken, and I honestly could not have asked for a better teacher. Figuring out my career path now seems a little less daunting thanks to the iX teaching team.” 

Lily Chadwick 
Past iX Student