Have you ever dreamed of stepping up to the plate on the TV show Shark Tank, ready to unveil to the world the business idea you’ve been brewing up for years?

At Summer Springboard’s Business & Entrepreneurship program at Georgetown, there’s no need to worry about whether the Sharks will invest, as you’ll be learning from the best to turn your dreams into reality–with or without their approval!

Whether your aspirations involve launching a new app, pioneering a small business, inventing a groundbreaking product, or embarking on a career in business, our expert instructors are ready to reveal the secrets to success in a hands-on business bootcamp experience you won’t want to miss.

Let Kyle Bergman, founder of Swoveralls and seasoned entrepreneur, teach you the importance of sustainable business practices, or dive into the dynamics of high-growth startups with Narie Foster, co-founder of M.M.LaFleur and an acclaimed business strategist.

Wondering what else makes our Business & Entrepreneurship program at Georgetown the place to best kickstart your future goals?

Here are three things we’re most excited for this summer:

1. Knowledgeable Guest Speakers
Interact with visionary leaders like the CEO of Dos Toros, who will share invaluable insights into business expansion and operations. Our guest speakers, ranging from successful entrepreneurs to seasoned investors, provide real-world perspectives that are crucial for any budding entrepreneur.

2. Exciting Excursions
Our field trips are designed to complement your learning experience, and throw in a dash of fun. Along with everything life around DC’s National Mall has to offer, past students have enjoyed a visit to a dynamic maker space and cutting-edge startups, gaining firsthand knowledge of business operations and development processes.

3. Immersion at a Top University
You’ll immerse yourself at one of the nation’s most important academic institutions, Georgetown University, known for developing future leaders in business and politics. Plus, experience the buzz of an election year in Washington D.C., to add an extra layer of excitement!

4. Clarity on College and Majors
Get a clear path to your future with advice that helps simplify choosing the college and major right for you. Summer Springboard helps you set practical goals that match your dreams and your own personal vision of success, guiding you smoothly into the next chapter of your life after graduation.

Don’t miss your chance to transform your business ideas into action. Enroll today with Summer Springboard before spots fill up and take the first step towards making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality this summer at Georgetown!


By James Townsend, SSB Content Team