Just look at that summer calendar: between your cousin’s wedding, two weeks at summer camp, the annual family vacation and your other extra-curriculars, you’re struggling to find the time to get ahead academically or explore your passions.

If only there were some sort of short-term, online internship that provides amazing experience (and something for the ol’ CV or resume) without eating into your other summer activities…

Summer Springboard’s virtual micro internships have got you covered. These nine-day, project-based internships, designed in collaboration with iXperience, could be just the thing. 

Virtual micro internships aim to develop your employability skills and offer you the opportunity to make new professional contacts in your field of choice. Because they are focused around a single project, they also give the satisfaction of seeing an initiative through from start to finish.

For example, past projects have included working in teams to outline potential avenues for involving cryptocurrencies in the support of charities and non-profit organizations. Classes are held via Zoom, so all you need is a quiet spot and internet access to participate–this means you can join from anywhere (family vacation, for example) to maximize your summer. 

Interested in web development? Learn the basics of coding and get a crash course in Github, APIs and debugging. Digital Marketing is a must-have for those wanting to pursue a career in social media management, market analysis or SEO (search engine optimization). For the science minded teen, it doesn’t get much better than thorough instruction in Python in the Data Analytics course taught by the data science team lead of the South African Earth Observation Network (SAEON), a long-term environmental monitoring facility of the South African National Research Foundation. 

Not quite sure where your interests lie? Management Consulting might be for you! This is an excellent course for students who are still exploring different fields, as these skills are applicable in almost every industry. You’ll gain in-demand soft skills for today’s business world by learning how to derive insights and implications from words using business communication.